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Have questions on how to file for a patent, trademark, or copyright? We would like to hear from you even if your project is not ready for submission. Don't risk losing rights by delaying! Our experienced patent attorneys help clients nationally and around the globe protect and patent their ideas and their business. We can help you whether you are an individual with a new idea or an established company with existing product lines so that you don't lose intellectual property rights to your inventions and creations. Send us a message below to set up a free consultation or to ask us a question on how to patent, trademark or copyright your idea.

Experienced Registered Patent Attorneys to Help with Your Legal Needs

MBV is a small ("boutique") law firm comprised of highly experienced, registered patent attorneys serving clients throughout the U.S. and around the world. Each patent attorney all has an engineering degree, is a former patent examiner, and has worked in the patent field for at least 20 years. While our experience allows us to work some of the most complex projects, as a small business oursevles, we also enjoy working with individuals and small to mid-size businesses. We help our clients to establish and maintain appropriate, personally tailored intellectual property strategies to complement the growh of their businesses while educating clients how to protect their ideas and inventions and the advantages and limitations of intellectual property.

  • Patents

    "I am just getting started. How do I patent my idea? How long do I have to file a patent application?" See our "Patent Guidelines and Timeline" or send our Free Help Desk a general question about patenting your invention. Or see the Patent Office self-service guide "How to Apply for a Patent."

    "How much does it cost to get a patent?" Costs can vary widely depending on the complexity of the technology and whether the invention is very unique or a slight improvement over other technologies. However, in most cases, we can offer advanced, fixed prices for applications and each additional step along the way to avoid suprises. Contact us for a free quote or for a copy of our general fee sheet showing typical costs.

  • Trademarks

    "I need to protect my company name. Can I reserve a trademark / name for our product?" See our Trademark Guides or send our Free Help Desk a question.

    "How do I apply for a trademark or servicemark to protect the name of my company or product?" Conducting a trademark search or filing a trademark application are typical ways to start the process towards protecting your valuable investment in a logo, slogan or business name. See the U.S. Trademark Office's Trademark Search page or contact our attorneys to find out about these and other trademark services.

  • Copyrights

    "I need to protect my software, work of art, sound recording, publication, etc." Copyrights can be used to protect artistic expressions from sound recording to sculptures to books to building designs to computer programs. See the Copyright Office Guide to Copyrights or contact us to find out if your works are eligible for protection. Our attorneys can help you protect your intellectual property rights in your works.

    "Will I own software or other works that I hire someone else to create?" See the Copyright Office Guide to Works for Hire. Our attorneys can help you protect intellectual property rights in your works whether they are created by you or by someone else. Avoid confusion over "works for hire" by contacting us before you engage/contract someone so that your rights can be protected.